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    The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”/ “Department”) is the state’s consumer protection agency.  Established in 1974, DCA has more than forty years of experience in protecting South Carolina consumers while recognizing those businesses that act honestly and fairly.   

    The Department accomplishes its mission by: 1.) acting as an effective regulator, 2.) providing complaint mediation services that are unmatched at both state and federal levels,  3.) saving millions for both consumers and small businesses through insurance rate filing intervention, 4.) serving as an educational portal for consumers and businesses alike, and 5) informing the public on effective ways of preventing and mitigating identity theft situations. Learn more about the agency.


*** Flood Information *** 

What you Need to Know About Flood-Damaged Vehicles

New Brochure Outlines How to Avoid Buying a Flood-Damaged Vehicle

Beware of Disaster Scams

New Disaster Scam Brochures Available Throughout State

Scam Alert: Home Repair Scams in Wake of SC Flood

Scam Alert: Avoid Fraudulent Charities Looking to Profit off Flood

SC Emergency Management Division  

Identity Theft Information 

Identity Theft: What You Need to Know 

Identity Theft Intake Form 

How to Place, Thaw or Lift a Security Freeze

Click on the "Identity Theft Resources" button in the Helpful Links section above for more identity theft information.


Press Releases

Tis the Season for Deceiving: Tips for Avoiding Holiday Scammers

SCDCA Experiences Marked Increase in Public Reach Fiscal Year 2015 

Healthcare Sector Security Breaches Affected Most Consumers in 2014 

Scam Alerts

Scam Alert: Hotel Scammers Have Checked in

Scam Alert: Locksmith Swindlers 

Scam Alert: Scammers Find New Way to Steal Money


Consumer Alert - Summer 2015 Edition

Ditch the Pitch: A Guide for Guarding Against Scams

Consumer Rights Regarding Loans 

SCDCA Spotlight

Long-term Effects of Overspending

Price Gouging: How to Protect Yourself

Identity Theft: Credit Monitoring

Other Information

Palmetto Affordable Housing Forum Presentations



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