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Consumer Credit Counseling

The Consumer Credit Counseling Act requires that organizations providing or offering the following services, and certain employees of the organizations, must be licensed:

  • Receiving money from a consumer to distribute it among the consumer’s creditors; (Debt Management Plans)
  • Improving or offering to improve a consumer's credit record, history, or rating; (i.e. Credit Repair, etc.)
  • Negotiating to defer or reduce a consumer’s obligations with respect to credit extended by others. (Debt Negotiation/ Settlement, Foreclosure Assistance, etc.)

The licensing renewal cycle runs from September 1st through December 1st. 

Licenses issued before August 31st are valid on receipt through December 31st this year. Licenses issued after August 31st are valid through December of the following year.

Consumer Credit Counseling Laws
    Disciplinary Actions

    Licensing Application Information
    Continuing Professional Education Information
    Annual Report Information - Due Annually by April 15th