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Complaint Services

The South Carolina Consumer Protection Code gives the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs' Administrator broad powers and responsibilities to accept all types of complaints dealing with any consumer transaction arising out of the production, promotion or sale of consumer goods and services. The Division of Consumer Services is responsible for processing and evaluating consumer complaints received by the Department. The division endeavors to determine the probable basis and merit of each complaint. The evaluation of each complaint also includes advising consumers of the results of our determination.

The SCDCA serves consumers through the following activities:

Analysis and investigation of individual complaints;

Investigation of business practices if patterns of fraud are indicated or suspected;

Referral to agencies with direct jurisdiction for immediate and specific assistance;

Inform consumers who file a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) whether complaints have been filed against a particular company and how the complaints were resolved. 

Freedom of Information Act Request Form (PDF)

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