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For Consumers

*Identity Theft Intake Form*

**Scam Report Form** New!

***Minimizing the Effects of a Security Breach***


    • Consumer Alert: Special Edition-ID Theft (PDF)
    • ID Theft: What to Do if it Happens to You (PDF)
    • Taking Charge: What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen (PDF)
    • How to Place, Thaw or Lift a Security Freeze (PDF)
    • Identity Theft: Credit Monitoring (PDF)
    • Minimize the Effects of ID Theft (PDF)
    • Security Freeze (PDF)
    • ID Theft Protection (PDF)
    • ID Theft Flyer (PDF)
  • Sample Letters
    • Scam Alerts/Information
      • "Credit Alert" Phishing E-mails (PDF)
      • ID Theft: Income Tax Fraud (PDF)
      • Don't Get Hooked By Phishing Scams (PDF)
      • Nigerian E-mail Scam (PDF)
    • Videos
      • ID Theft: Why it Should Matter to You! (YouTube) NEW!
      • Worried about Identity Theft? (YouTube) NEW!
      • Webinar: Minimizing the Effects of a Security Breach (YouTube)
      • What to Do if ID Theft Happens to You (YouTube)
    • Reports
      • 2011 Security Breach Notice Report (PDF)


    For Businesses

    • Presentations
      • Identity Theft & Data Security (PDF)
      • South Carolina's New Privacy Law (PDF)
      • Responding to Data Security Breaches (PDF)
      • Incident Response Security Breaches (PDF)
    • Handouts
      • SCDCA- Identity Theft & The Law (PDF)
      • FTC Safeguards Rule (PDF)
      • FTC Information Compromise (PDF)
    • Other Important Information


    Helpful Links

    SCDOR Security Breach

    FTC ID Theft Microsite


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    Fax: 803-734-4286 

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