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Consumer Education

The Public Information Division serves as the main consumer education portal for consumers, businesses and media.  Providing educational tools to consumers is key to ensuring a smooth running marketplace. 

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We use educational brochures, YouTube Videos, tweets and more to help educate and inform consumers so they can make wise choices in the marketplace. Select a topic below to learn more:

About DCA | Automobiles | Credit & Finances | Computers, Identity Theft & Privacy | Debt Collection | Diet, Health & Fitness | Housing | Safety | Scams | Shopping for Products & Services | Telemarketing & Telephone Issues

Other Educational Resources

Click on one of the buttons below to find links to financial literacy tools, including games and activities geared towards ages 3-18.

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About DCA


  • How To File A Complaint (PDF)
  • South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (PDF)




Credit & Finances


Computers, Identity Theft & Privacy

Debt Collection

  • Debt Collection
  • Debt Collection FAQs
  • Debt Collection Scam (YouTube Video)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Harassed by Debt Collectors? (YouTube Video)
  • Wage Garnishment (YouTube Video)
  • Diet, Health & Fitness





    • 2009 Hurricane Preparedness Guide (PDF)



    Shopping for Products & Services

    • 10 Freebies (PDF)
    • Be A Savvy Shopper This Holiday Season (PDF)
    • Motor Club Services (PDF)
    • Need an Athlete Agent? (YouTube Video)
    • Preneed Funeral Contracts (PDF)
    • Prepaid Legal Services (PDF)
    • Protect Yourself from Tax Time Predators (PDF)

    Telemarketing & Telephone Issues

    • Don’t Be Deceived By Telephone Scams (PDF)
    • How to Remove Your Name from Solicitation Lists (PDF)
    • Taming Telemarketers (PDF)  
    • Understanding Your Phone Bill (PDF)
    • Questions to Ask the Telephone Charity Solicitor


    Contact Information

    Juliana Harris 
    Communications Coordinator         
         (803) 734-4296

    Fax: (803) 734-4229

    Toll Free (in South Carolina)                                  (800) 922-1594







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