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ID Theft

Avoid. Detect. Recover.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs' Identity Theft Unit ("the Unit") aims to inform consumers about the steps they can take to protect themselves from identity theft, how to spot if they are a victim and provide tailored remediation and guidance to identity theft victims. Think someone is using your personal information to commit identity theft, submit an ID Theft Intake Form (PDF). Looking for the Unit to come to your community? Request a presentation.

Find the most up-to-date resources at your disposal for avoiding, detecting and recovering from identity theft below. Whether you are a victim of identity theft or want to be a savvier consumer, this is the place to be.

How to Report...

• Report Identity Theft (PDF) - This is the form you will use to report your identity theft to the SCDCA Identity Theft Unit.

ID Theft Toolkit (PDF) - For basic steps to consider no matter the type of identity theft, read DCA's ID Theft Toolkit. Consumers who have identity theft questions or who would like help with the steps to mitigate their particular identity theft situation please contact the Identity Theft Unit for one-on-one assistance.

'How to Report...' Step-by-Step Checklists

• Bankruptcy (PDF)

• Benefits Fraud (PDF)

• Checks and Checking Accounts (PDF)

• Criminal Violations (PDF)

• Dealing with a Debt That's Not Yours (PDF)

• Government-Issued Identification (PDF)

• Income Tax Fraud (PDF)

• Investment Accounts (PDF)

• Medical Identity Theft (PDF)

• Student Loans (PDF)

• Utilities (PDF)

Worried about Identity Theft?

• How to Prevent Identity Theft (PDF) - This brochure provides step-by-step instructions on what to do after a security breach and more. 

• How to Prevent Identity Theft (YouTube) - Learn how to protect yourself in under two minutes!

• ID Theft: Income Tax Fraud (PDF) - Identity thieves can use your personal information in any way that you can, including to file YOUR taxes. Take these steps to protect yourself from income tax fraud!

• Learn more about preventing identity theft

Worried about Child Identity Theft?

• Child Identity Theft, What You Need to Know (PDF) - Tips on avoiding, discovering, and undoing the damage of child identity.

• Taking Advantage of the Protected Consumer Freeze (PDF) - A free protected consumer freeze allows the parent, guardian or representative to create a credit file in a protected consumer's name and place a freeze on it, helping to deter identity theft.

Elder Fraud

• Keeping South Carolina's Vulnerable Population Safe (PDF) - When and who to call if you suspect the abuse or mistreatment of a vulnerable person.

Was Your Information Lost or Stolen?

• How to Prevent Identity Theft (PDF) - This flyer provides step-by-step instructions on what to do after a security breach and more. 

• Tools for Information Compromise (PDF) - This flyer tells you how to know if your information was stolen, the signs of identity theft and prevention tips to share with your friends and family.

• Responding to Credit & Debit Card Fraud (PDF) - This flyer provides you with the steps to take if your credit or debit card information has been stolen and/or compromised.

• Check out tips for specific data breaches

Sample Letters

• Notifying the Credit Bureaus of a Death (Fillable letter) (PDF) - This brochure will give you instructions to minimize the chance of identity theft of your deceased loved ones

Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself