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Consumer Grantor Notification

The S.C. Consumer Protection Code requires that the persons who make consumer credit sales, leases or loans or persons who engage in rent-to-own, and persons who take assignments of rights against debtors arising from such transactions are required to file a notification form and pay a notification fee to the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs for each location at which such transactions are made. The notification fee is $120.00 per location.

*Please note the Department's new physical address is 293 Greystone Blvd., Ste. 400 | Columbia, SC | 29210*
**Mailings may still be sent to PO Box 5757 | Columbia, SC | 29250-5757**


Consumer Grantor Notification

Consumer Grantor Notification for Rent-to-Own Businesses

Filing Forms

Consumer Grantor Notification Forms

Consumer Credit Grantor Rent-to-Own Forms

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