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Chapter Five

  • 5.106-7709 (PDF), issued 7/11/1977
    The garnishment provisions relate to involuntary deductions from earnings and not to voluntary requests for deductions.
  • 5.109-7913 (PDF), issued 7/9/1979
    Clarification of "payment as required by agreement."
  • 5.110-7703 (PDF), issued 4/22/1977
    Provisions concerning notice of the consumer's right to cure and cure of default apply to secured single payment loans.
  • 5.110-7703, (Reconsideration) (PDF), issued 6/24/1977
    Provisions concerning notice of the consumer's right to cure and cure of default apply to secured single payment loans.
  • 5.110-7711 (PDF), issued 8/16/1977
    Notice of the consumer's right to cure must allow at least 20 days to cure the default.
  • 5.110-8501 (PDF), issued 12/2/1985
    The cure notice provided in § 37-5-110(2) may be altered in certain circumstances. 
  • 5.110-8602 (PDF), issued 10/27/1986
    Alteration of cure notice by deleting references to the creditor's ability to repossess the collateral.
  • 5.111-8004 (PDF), issued 5/7/1980
    Although § 5.111 does not require creditor to wait ten days before proceeding against a consumer or goods that are collateral in connection with subsequent defaults on the same obligation, other considerations may.
  • 5.204-7507 (PDF), issued 6/2/1975
    Buyer's right to cancel home solicitation sale secured by the buyer's residence is controlled exclusively by the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act.


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