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LifeSmarts is a fun, interactive program for teens that teaches them how to become responsible consumers and rewards them for this knowledge. The program's curriculum meets the National Education Standards and can be implemented in classroom activities, clubs, and community organizations.

The LifeSmarts Competitioncompetition

The heart of the LifeSmarts program is the ultimate consumer competition. How does it work? 

Teams will register and begin the competition online. They are tested on the five core topics of the program, which are consumer rights, personal finance, technology, health & safety, and environment. After completing the online portion, the top teams will then compete in an in-person state competition. The winner will then move on to nationals, which is held in April each year. 

Interested in Coaching a Team? 

SCDCA is always looking for new coaches to form teams and participate. They can be educators, 4-H leaders, parents, or even community leaders who work with youth.
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LifeSmarts Resources

Not only can you join the competition, but LifeSmarts offers plenty of FREE educational tools. These include lesson plans, vocabulary words, game-show style games and more!

Lifesmarts offers scholarshipsScholarships! 

LifeSmarts also offers several scholarship opportunities. Students will have the chance to win scholarships and/or monthly cash prizes by participating in competitions.


For more information about the LifeSmarts program, contact Kyla Capers at or visit